Of course, you need to choose the best electric grill for you. No two electric grills are precisely alike, though. Some tabletop electric grills are ideal for apartment-sized spaces, while outside electric grills will be able to provide enough power and presence to match a charcoal or gas grill. No matter what model you choose, it is essential to find the electric grill that’s right for your needs, your space, and your budget.

Rising competition between major brands like George Foreman, Weber, and Char-Broil has set the electric grill market on fire, allowing for some of the best, feature-packed models to sell for a fraction of their original price. But traveling from store to store while comparing every last feature and price tag can be time-consuming and confusing. You need a better method for learning about which home electric grill is right for you.

To meet this need, I’ve reviewed 10 of the best-selling electric grills available today, including the George Foreman GGR50B indoor outdoor electric grill and Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro portable electric grill. Any of these electric grills would make a worthwhile addition to your cooking arsenal, so take some time to read about what allows them to serve up your summertime favorites in just minutes.

In this review, I’ve compared and contrasted many of the key specifications that you should consider when purchasing an electric grill, including size, form factor, electric output, portability, cooking space, and construction materials. In addition, each review includes an easy-to-interpret pros and cons list, allowing you to make an informed choice at a glance.

Review Of The Best Electric Grills

George Foreman GGR50B




With the George Foreman GGR50B, you won’t be begging for more cooking space. With 240 sq. inches of cast iron cooking surface, you’ll have room to cook burgers, chicken, and hot dogs for a party of up to 15 guests and family members. With the easy-to-adjust temperature control knob, you’ll quickly learn that the secret ingredient to juicy meat and vegetables on the grill is precision heat. The “George Tough” non-stick coating is also exceptional, allowing foods to cook to perfection without adhering to the cooking surface.

The George Foreman GGR50B also provides a unique feature on its cooking surface that no other electric grill can offer. Built with healthy eating in mind, this model’s slightly sloped surface allows for fat cooked out of meats to gently drain off the surface. From there, you can easily dispose of the cooled grease before going to enjoy your burger or roast with 42% less fat overall.